2018 Blowout! Get Up To $75 Off!

Step 1: First $25 Off By Booking Appointment
Step 2: Additional $25 Off For (3) Instagram Repost
Step 3: Additional $25 Off For Instagram (10) Friends Tagged
*No private accounts.

Promotion Terms

1. By booking your appointment using our online booking system (See: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/EBL9AE ) and paying the required deposit you will be eligible for a one time $25 credit off your visit on or before December 31, 2018.  Minimum purchase of $200 required for discount.

2. You can earn up to (2) additional $25 Credits by completing any of the optional repost or tag steps by or before your appointment.

3. Only appointments scheduled no later than December 31, 2018 will be eligible.

4. Please DM (direct message) extraordinarybrows on Instagram or E-mail support@extraordinarybrows.com to receive discounts.